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Should I feel guilty for sleeping until the afternoon of MLK day? - Joe [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Should I feel guilty for sleeping until the afternoon of MLK day? [Jan. 21st, 2003|05:47 pm]
Sometimes I just wonder. Evidently because I came from a predominantly white school, I don't relate to what Martin Luther King meant to our society. But I just don't understand how people can keep calling for reparations. And how they can just debate in circles around and around again.

Equality to me doesn't seem to be found by some sort of reparation. The past was tragic and unequal, but it is only that (the past). I don't understand how inequality can be met with more attempts at inequality.

Doesn't anyone dream of a world where the ethnicity box is absent from our college applications? Where instead of affirmative action, we don't see in black or white or red or yellow. Don't quotas make inoppurtunity out of the thing that is supposed to promote equality?

Maybe I am too immature to understand what true equality is. But wouldn't that be a world without mention of black or white? Race stricken from studies, applications, publications, and reports. Maybe its a fantasy, but it seems more appealing that scolding the white half of a lecture hall for not understand the injustices of racism.

From: ravelious
2003-01-21 06:21 pm (UTC)
Well, if you want a humble anti-war activist's opinion . . .

I really admire and respect Martin Luther King, Jr. because he was a brilliant mind. He truly believed what he spoke about, and stood behind the opinions he voiced instead of saying one thing and doing another. He had true conviction, as well as a strong commitment to God. Additionally, he really carried on the concept of peaceful protest rather than bloody revolution. What's more, he was a martyr -- he died for defending those beliefs which he held.

And I agree, it is sad that we are asked to label our ethnicity on college applications. It makes absolutely no sense for colleges to fill student quotas simply because a hundred years ago someone was someone's slave and we feel bad about it. Given, that was horrible. But the past is the past. We should remember the events of the past in order to learn from them, but if we hold on too tight to our regrets there is no chance of a better future.

[end philosophical rant]
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[User Picture]From: buggsuperstar5
2003-12-07 11:19 pm (UTC)
Joe, why do you hate black people?
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